Post harvest study

TESTAPI can manage post-harvest studies throughout Europe, using local country offices and qualified GLP workers to set up trials, providing relevant assessment study reports.

Post-harvest treatments are applied to raw commodities and processed foods and feeds to control a range of insects and disease organisms that could otherwise adversely affect the produce in storage before consumption. They can be applied by various means including sprays, dips, drenches and fumigation applicators.

GLP supervised residue trials of post-harvest treatments of stored products should be carried out over a wide range of storage facilities under commercial practices.

Where post-harvest treatments are applied to fruit and vegetables, seeds, herbs and spices, an adequate number of samples must be taken to determine the range of residue levels of concentration, temperature, duration of treatment, drying (after dip treatment) and subsequent handling may need to be considered.

Testapi staff already developed its expertise in different type of Post-Harvest studies and experienced different test parameters (fumigation, shower or bath treatment, storage under controlled atmosphere).