Bandeau Testapi


Testapi has always been involved in the development of new methodologies dedicated to honeybees or other pollinators such as solitary bees (Osmia sp.) and bumblebees (Bombus terrestris). In this way, we are involved in different ring-tests at European level in order to draw up future guidances and guidelines.

Over these official contributions our team is still involved in home-made protocols related to veterinary products, pesticides, or biocontrol concepts. We welcome interns and PhD students to explore new possibilities.

Currently we look to improve some already existing tools in order to check long-term effects : the RFID system is now used in the official Homing flight test (OECD 332) but at ours it is tested all over the lifespan of worker honeybees providing amazing and enthusiastic data.

Connected scales placed under the beehives allow to follow the evolution of the bee colonies registering different parameters like weight, temperatures, and apiarist topics.

Moreover the Testapi staff is on the lookout for opportunities in the veterinary and technical fields related to honeybees, bumblebees and solitary bees.