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How do we work : our network

Testapi has strong experience in the planning and co-ordination of residue pan-European programs - including GLP residue testing - with numerous field trial and analytical organizations. Our expertise involves a wide range of agricultural practices, crops, laboratory technics, including sample shipping and storage.

Testapi can take on complete European GLP studies or partial aspects of any project.

Testapi project management service can be summarized as below:

  • Examine your needs and propose solutions
  • Write the study plan
  • Select the relevant locations in different countries and regions to guarantee an acceptable range of variable situations
  • Manage the field, processing and laboratory organizations on a large European territory
  • Monitor every critical phase
  • Provide on-site inspections and independent Lead Quality Assurance
  • Report regularly on the status of your projects (close communication with the sponsor)
  • Prepare the final report

Testapi pays extreme attention to all phases of the study, especially critical phases such as PPP application, specimen collection, shipment and analyses.

Dedicated freezer truck is collecting, at TESTAPI request, the specimens all around Europe and delivering them to the designated laboratories. Control of the shipment phase significantly reduces the risk of contamination, of de-frost or loss of specimens.

Testapi endeavors to provide a close and constant follow-up. Our good eyes for detail, high flexibility and long work experience guarantee the success of the program. The sponsor is informed regularly of the status if the studies. No unattended surprise arises at the end of the day. Delays are respected.


Testapi offers a large choice of possibilities/capacities to provide a team dedicated to your needs

Thanks to its experience, long knowledge of European field partners, process partners, laboratory partners and independency, Testapi selects the most reliable field partners to reach the sponsor skill. Testapi is able to cover most of the European territory.

For processing, Testapi proposes the most suitable processing facilities to perform the process phase of the residue study depending on sponsor and equipment needs.

Residue analyses can be performed within the best analytical laboratories all through Europe. Full independence of Testapi enables to propose to the sponsor the best analytical partners based on past experience and laboratory equipment/experience on specific methods or to use a laboratory chosen by the sponsor.