Bandeau Testapi

GLP compliance


All Testapi studies are GLP compliant.

Testapi is GLP certified by COFRAC (French Committee of Accreditation) in the following domains:

  • GLP 4 (environmental toxicity studies on aquatic and terrestrial organisms)
  • GLP 5 (studies on behaviour in water, soil and air, bioaccumulation)
  • GLP 6 (residue studies)
  • GLP 7 (studies on effects on mesocosms and natural ecosystems)
  • GLP 9 (Other studies : OPEX)

For veterinary studies, Testapi is GLP certified by the ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety) in the following domains:

  • GLP 2 (toxicity studies)
  • GLP 9 (other studies / tolerance studies in target species ; efficacy studies)

Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) compliance of our studies is guaranteed by a truly independent QA unit. Thanks to our partnership with Qualilab, Testapi has access to auditors specialized in various domains and able to perform GLP effective audits on field, process and laboratory phases.

Multi-sites studies are performed with selected GLP partners and quality work of the chosen partners is regularly checked by Testapi Quality Assurance service.


In the experimental research arena, the phrase good laboratory practice or GLP specifically refers to a quality system of management controls for research laboratories and organizations to ensure the uniformity, consistency, reliability, reproducibility, quality, and integrity of chemical (including pharmaceuticals) non-clinical safety tests; from physio-chemical properties through acute to chronic toxicity tests.

GLP is a quality system concerned with the organizational process and conditions under which non-clinical health and environmental safety studies are planned, performed, monitored, recorded, archived and reported.

GLP principles include :

  • Organization and Personnel
    • Management-Responsibilities
    • Sponsor-Responsibilities
    • Study Director-Responsibilities
    • Principal Investigator-Responsibilities
    • Study Personnel-Responsibilities
  • Quality assurance program
    • Quality Assurance Personnel
  • Facilities
    • Test System Facilities
    • Facilities for Test and Reference Items
  • Equipment, reagents and Materials
  • Test systems
    • Physical/Chemical
    • Biological
  • Test & Reference items
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Performance of Study
    • Study Plan
    • Conduct of Study
  • Reporting of results
  • Archival - Storage of Records and Reports