Bandeau Testapi

Residue studies (crop-process-rotational-post-harvest) / Dislodgeable Foliar Residue (DFR)


Since 2000: our (old)  team members is managing crop residue studies, crop rotational studies, processing studies and DFR across Europe: their experiences were gained over the many years of practices. Do not hesitate to contact us: our passionate staff is always pleased to share this experience and its network with you.

Testapi is planning and coordinating your full GLP residue programs (managing field phases, process phases, shipment phases, analytical phases)

Under GLP: we: • Advise you about the relevant testing scope • Select the relevant locations, EU field organizations in different countries and regions • Monitor the critical phases and provide dedicated onsite QA inspections  • are the only GLP organisation in EU working with an experienced and indepedent QA company/Qualilab: providing excellent advices for the report/dossier • Send you regular reporting/illustration/ about the progress of your studies • Accompany you on a visit to some field/analytical/process phases

One of our main strength is also an everyday/good follow up of all our GLP studies and GLP trials at every events: no failure allowed !