Bandeau Testapi

About us

Testapi is an independent service provider. Close to our clients since more than 25 years, our expertise is nowadays recognized.

Testapi is a truly independent company providing research and development services to the agricultural chemical and veterinary industries by offering a wealth of experience in applied research and product development.

Testapi complies with good laboratory practice (GLP) requirements in ecotox and residue testing, and offers its expertise through a range of GLP services, including crop and environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology, that ensure your regulatory compliance.

Putting the customer first is Testapi philosophy.

Testapi provides the adequate experts to manage and run your studies. Thanks to our responsiveness and proactivity, we support your projects, providing feedback and suggestions on protocols, dossiers and anticipating future needs.

Providing quality work, in full transparency, to the sponsor with no delay is our working culture.

Good Laboratory Practices

Testapi is GLP certified in the following domains:

  • GLP 4 (environmental toxicity studies on aquatic and terrestrial organisms)
  • GLP 5 (studies on behaviour in water, soil and air, bioaccumulation)
  • GLP 6 (residue studies)
  • GLP 7 (studies on effects on mesocosms and natural ecosystems)

Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) compliance of our studies is guaranteed by a truly independent QA unit. Thanks to our partnership with Qualilab, Testapi has access to auditors specialized in various domains and able to perform GLP effective audits on field, process and laboratory phases.

French "Credit Impôt Recherche"

Work contracted to Testapi can benefit, under certain conditions, of the French Research Tax Credit (Crédit d'Impôt Recherche) as the company is CIR accredited until 2022.

Once upon a time

1992 : Testapi was established as an independent research company providing field tunnel studies to assess the pesticide impact on bees.

1998 : Testapi gained its first GLP Certification.

1999-2001: Testapi progressively developed its expertise in the domain of pollinators and offers now a wide range of field and laboratory studies (tunnel studies, open-field ecotoxicological studies, studies on beneficial/non-target insects and laboratory studies (DL50), typhlodromes, bumblebee, ladybird, brood studies, residue studies dedicated to pollinators and their bee products (pollen, nectar, honey).

2002-2015 : Testapi developed new large open-field ecotox studies, and new brood studies; and participated to new residue studies (soil, crop samples).

2016 : Enlargement of the residue team managing EU studies: Testapi offer its expertise on a wide range of residue studies and is setting up at the European level residue studies on agricultural commodities and processed product.

Testapi also gained a new certification extension for soil studies.

2017 : the adventure continues...